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Entering the Age of Space 4.0

In the new space economy, success depends on effective digitalization. Public and private organizations alike have turned to digital twin technology to innovate their products and processes faster.

This white paper delivers a thoughtful and in-depth look at the past and future of space exploration. It covers where we've been and where we're going.

And, most importantly, it offers a vision for how to get there faster, safely, and more efficiently. 

Privatization brings space closer than ever

The demand-driven space economy has led to new business models built on speed, agility, and low costs.

Private-public competition and collaboration has shaken up traditional approaches to space engineering and spacecraft design. Technological advances have spurred innovation and democratized the playing field, resulting in a renewed public and commercial interest in space. 

Does going farther mean going virtually?

Extreme risk warrants an extra layer of caution. From budgets to human lives, space companies are seeking to protect their assets while striving to innovate at the speed of light. 

Digital twins have upped the ante by reducing risk and time-to-market. They help to accelerate decision making, development, and testing, providing the confidence and assurances needed to help manned missions take off.

Solutions for Space 4.0

Digital twin technology has transformed spacecraft systems engineering. From propulsion systems and structural analysis to thermal management and overall mission safety, digital twins deliver the data and insights needed to compete and lead successful missions.

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